Pool Accessories

Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories in St. Paul, MN


Water Testing

 We carry a full line of testing supplies from Poolmaster and AquaChek. Drop Kits, Test Strips, Test Tabs, and Digital Testers for chlorine, bromine, salt, and much more. We also offer FREE in house testing. If you need help getting your water clear or just want to be sure every thing is balanced just bring a small sample of water and we will be more then happy to test it for you.



Maintenance Supplies

 We stock a wide variety of maintenance equipment for all types of swimming pools. Vacuum Heads for inground and aboveground pools. Telescopic and standard Poles up to 16′ in lenght. 1.50″ and 2″ Vac Hoses for inground and aboveground pools. Wall Brushes in a wide variety of sizes. Leaf Skimmers and Rakes that attach directly to your vacuum pole and that have there own pole. Leaf Baggers and Splasher Vacuums for all pools . Backwash hoses in 25′ to 200′ in length 1.5″ and 2″ diameter. Replacement parts for Vacuum Poles and Heads, replacement leaf bags and much more. If we don’t stock it we can always order what you need.



Pool Lights

 We have exactly what you need to light up your pool. We carry in-wall pool lights from Pentair (Aqualuminator) and Aurora. The Aqualuminator is a solid light with colored lens covers. The Aurora is an LED color changing light that will do light shows and much more. Over the wall LED lights from Multi-Colored Intelligent. These are over the wall plug in lights with many color options. We also carry floating pool lights , from Game, Swimways, and more. Bring your pool to life at night!! If we don’t have the light you are looking for we can always order it for you.



Pool Ozonators

 After easy installation of your Doughboy Ozone Purification system, water is treated with Ozone that is 200 times more powerful than chlorine, and works on pools up to 25,000 gallons. After the process cleans the pool and destroys 99.99% of all organic and inorganic molecules, the only byproduct left is oxygen like the molecule in the air we breathe!

What are the Benefits?
A picture of swimming pool accessories in Minneapolis, MN1. Reduces chlorine use by 60-90%.
2. Ozone is one of nature’s most powerful disinfectant oxidizers and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and molds found in pools.
3. 200 times more powerful that chlorine and 100% environmentally-friendly, the only by product of ozone is oxygen!
4. No more irritated eyes and skin.
5. Ozone oxidizes and destroys many substances that chlorine can’t effectively eliminate like human fluids, cosmetics, and other metallic substances like iron and manganese.
6. Recognized as an antimicrobial disinfectant by the EPA and FDA.
7. Ozone is micro-flocculent meaning it helps particles clump so the filter system can remove them.
8. Ozone produces healthy, pure pool water that feels good, looks good, and smells good.
9. The main cost of ozone is the upfront cost for the system. The operating cost is very low and the initial cost is recaptured in a fairly short amount of time because of reduced expenditures for chemicals.
10. 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

Salt Generators

ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorinator For Above-Ground Pools uses the same saltwater chlorination technology as all other salt chlorine generators in the market. Chlorine is produced on-site by the electrolytic breakdown of salt in the water. The ChlorEase unit is submerged in the pool water rather than plumbed in-line with the filtration system and is designed for above-ground pools only. ChlorEase saltwater chlorinator is a stand-alone sanitizing system that attaches conveniently beneath the top rail of both new and existing pools, and hangs down along the inner pool wall. It plugs into any 110 Volt GFI protected outlet.

Produces chlorine right in the pool – automatically & continuously
Can be used with all chemicals used in chlorine-maintained pools
Affordably priced for the aboveground pool owner
Treats aboveground pools up to 18,000 gallons
Easily installs on new and existing pools – no plumbing required
Uses any 110V GFI protected outlet
Limited 1-year warranty
ETL Listed



Perform-Max™ Feeders for
Above Ground and In Ground Pools

More Performance!
Perform-Max™ Feeders bring you the best in bulk chlorine or bromine feeding. No other bulk feeder offers erosion technology with exact metering capabilities. The Perform-Max™ Feeders are the only feeders with the patented Performance Valve™ that performs on cue, responding accurately to each adjustment in its wide range of settings.

More Technology!
The Performance Valve allows water to continuously erode only the bottom layer of chemical. When a small area of chemical is eroded, you can maintain output much easier than when an entire chemical supply gets wet (like in soaker feeders).

More Options!
Perform-Max™ Feeders can be used with chlorine or bromine – pucks, tablets or sticks – holding from 7 to 10 pounds of chemical. With 3 models to choose from, ther is a Perform-Max™ for you whether your pool is 10,000 or 50,000 gallons.

No More Worries!
Perform-Max™ Feeders maintain proper residual for any size pool, any weather conditions, any number of swimmers. The Performance Valve’s wide range of settings gives you more control without over chlorinating.

We also carry a large variety of floating chlorinators!
1″ and 3″ Tablets



Solar Covers

We carry 8ml and 12ml solar covers for round, oval, and rectangle in ground and above ground swimming pools. Sizes range from 12′ round to 24′x44′ oval and every thing in between.
A solar cover is your best investment to extend your swimming season and cut heating costs.

Our heavy-duty solar covers, made of durable resin, have thousands of tiny air bubbles designed to capture and transmit solar heat to your pool. A solar cover will keep your pool water cleaner by blocking out dirt and debris, save on chemicals, cut water evaporation by up to 95% and prevent heat loss. A solar cover also takes advantage of the sun’s free heat. Typically, a 15° temperature increase can be expected.


Solar Reels

Solar Reels Make it Easy

One person operation. No tugging, dragging or folding. Increases blanket life 30%. Smooth operation with Needle Bearing Race and Ultra Glide Systems. Quick and easy to assemble hand wheels on both ends. Fits most pools


Winter Covers

Yard Guard Poly Woven covers are made from the widest material in the industry resulting in less seams for a bigger and stronger cover. All of our Poly covers are made from material under the most demanding guidelines of quality control, so you can be assured that your Yard Guard Cover is made to last.

Features & Benefits
-Fewer seams due to full widths.
-Triple edge reinforced binding around perimeter.
-Finished cover within inches of actual pool size.
-Water bag loops and tie down loops on in-grounds.
-Reinforced nylon loops approximately every 30″ on above-grounds.
-Coated cable and metal winch on above-grounds.
-Covers come with 6, 8, or 12 year warranties.
-All covers made in Canada/U.S.A.

-Full size range of standards, rounds, ovals, and rectangles.
-Above-grounds available in 3′ and 4′ overlaps.
-In-grounds available in 5′ and 6′ overlaps.
-Specials available in either rectangle form or custom shaped to fit any shape and size.



Leaf Covers

The Yard Guard Leaf Catcher is a great addition to any existing pool cover.

Features & Benefits
Leaf CoversMaterial is designed to stretch allowing the cover to hold leaves and other debris.
Each cover includes reinforced tie down loops for securing.
Above-grounds come with fastening loops, wire cable and metal winch.
The leaf cover is available in all sizes of standard pools for in-grounds, rounds, and ovals.
Special size rectangles are offered for shaped pools such as kidneys, lazy L’s etc.



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