Outdoor Patio FurnitureWhen you invest time and money into your patio, pool area, and landscaping, you want to be able to enjoy your work and get the most out of your yard. We've found that one of the best ways to make your yard a fun, relaxing place is to invest in comfortable and beautiful patio furniture that will last. Here are 5 durability factors to consider as you head out on your search for outdoor patio furniture in Blaine, MN.     



Location and Usage

The first thing you should identify as you look for sturdy furniture is the location and future uses of each piece. Will your furniture be by your swimming pool where it will get wet regularly? By a fire pit where it will be exposed to smoke? 



Sun, wind, precipitation, and extreme temperatures can all wear down and damage outdoor furniture over time. Think through the precautions you'll need to take to keep your furniture safe. Some pieces of outdoor furniture have added lines of defense that will likely increase their life span, such as water or rust-resistant coating. If possible, put your furniture in storage during the harsher months of the year. 



Outdoor Patio FurnitureWhether wood, plastic, or metal, the material you choose should fit in with your vision for your yard, but this should not be the only factor in your decision. Each material comes with its own strengths and weaknesses that you should understand and prepare for before you bring your furniture home. Even within a material type, you have many options available to you. Cedar and teak wood, for instance, will generally resist weather damage better than pine or oak furniture. 

Everything you own requires maintenance, including any furniture you buy for your yard. The material you choose largely determines your cleaning and care checklist. Before you make your purchase, get a sense of the work you will need to put into keeping your furniture in good condition. You may, for example, need to stain wood furniture from time to time.  



Just because a piece of furniture looks beautiful and stable doesn't mean that it's built to last. If possible, you should test out furniture before you buy it and closely inspect it for any potential weaknesses. Pay attention to creaks and wobbles as you sit in a chair or lean on a table, and take a close look at joints and other areas that may be especially vulnerable to wear and tear. 


Additional Features

Factor in durability when you look for extra features that you would like to add to your patio, such as an outdoor rug or cushions for your chairs. As with your furniture, check the materials, structure, and added defenses of each item you buy for your yard. 

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