Shimmering pool in Minneapolis MNWhen you maintain a pool, there are a number of chemical tests you need to preform regularly to ensure that the water is safe for swimming. Checking the chlorine level is one of these regular tests. If the level of chlorine is too low, you need to add more. How much more depends on how many people use the pool and how low the chlorine level is when you check it. But why do you need chlorine in the pool at all? Let’s explore chlorine and pool water and learn about how chlorine keeps the water safe for you to swim as much as you like.

Chlorine Keeps Bacteria Away

As water sits, the microorganisms that are naturally present can grow to a point where they can cause any number of problems for swimmers. Add to that the bacteria, dirt, and germs that wash off people while swimming and you have a perfect breeding ground for infections. Chlorine actually kills these harmful microorganisms and subsequently helps prevent the spread of infections.

Some common infections that can spread through a poorly chlorinated pool include:

  • Swimmer’s ear
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Legionnaire’s disease
  • Athlete’s foot


Is Chlorine the Only Choice?

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When you look at options for keeping your pool water safe, chlorine is one of the easiest methods because it is simple to check the level and easy to add more. There are simple formulas that you can use to adjust your chlorine level based on how heavily the pool is used, too. Also, chlorine tends to last longer in the water than other chemicals, even if it does evaporate over time. Alternatives like ozone and ultraviolet treatments can be excellent in addition to chlorine, but neither one has the power to keep the water safe for very long.


Identifying a Healthy Pool

How can you tell if a pool has been properly chlorinated and cared for? Look for clear blue water that allows you to see the bottom easily. Cloudy water is a sign of an unhealthy pool. Check the tiles under the water level. The tiles should feel smooth and clean, not slimy. A well-maintained pool should not smell strongly of chemicals even when chlorine is used. You can also do your part to help keep a pool healthy and clean by showering before entering the water. This helps to remove any bacteria or dirt on your skin before getting in the pool.


If you would like more information on using chlorine in your pool, visit a spa and pool store in Minneapolis, MN. 

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