Natural Pool with Regeneration AreaThinking about putting in a pool? Though chemical pools may come to mind first, natural pools are an increasingly popular option in the world of poolside sales and service West St. Paul, MN, and for good reason. 

What Exactly is a Natural Pool?

Unlike a typical chemical pool, a natural pool replicates some of the processes that occur in clean lakes and ponds. Though the structure of the pool is manmade, the water and cleansing organisms are largely left alone, allowing them to operate naturally. At the same time, dangerous microorganisms are still filtered out, though no chemicals or purifying technology are added to the water. 


What Keeps Pools Clean and Safe?

Natural pools actually feature two areas of water with a wall and biological filter separating them. The larger area is for swimming and can be designed to resemble a natural body of water or can look more like an ordinary chemical pool (though the water won't necessary be totally clear and certainly won't be blue). The smaller area is called the regeneration zone and features algae and other plants that clean the water. The water from the swimming pool moves through the filter into the regeneration zone, then heads back into the main area, leaving impurities behind. 

Additionally, the movement of the water in natural pools as it continuously flows from the main swimming area to the regeneration zone prevents the growth and spread of dangerous organisms, including mosquitos.  


What Kind of Maintenance is Required?

Your pool will do a lot of the work by itself, but both sides of the water will need regular care. As with a chemical pool, you will need to remove debris from the swimming area and clean the filter. In the regeneration zone, you will need to care for the plants and remove any unwanted growth. In the winter, you will likely want to close your pool and cover the regeneration zone. 


What Are the Benefits?

Pool chemicals are expensive, a chore to maintain, and potentially harmful to some swimmers, such as those with asthma or sensitive skin. Natural water costs less to maintain and requires less energy. On top of that, a natural pool is a beautiful addition to any yard! 

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