Pool liners can give your swimming pool an entirely new look, transforming it with beautiful patterns and unique textures that make your pool water look deeper and more vibrant than before. However, many pool owners are unsure of how to properly protect their pool liners, and they end up having to replace the liner much more often than they should.


At The Pool Store Inc., we want you to get the most out of your pool liner, so here are our tip 5 tips for making your pool liner last longer.



Maintain Chemical Levels

Maintaining proper chemical levels is an exact science, and improper amounts of certain chemicals can cause serious problems for your pool. For example, if chlorine is too low, algae may begin to grow in your pool water. If it is too high, the chlorine can bleach your hair and swimsuit, dry out your skin, and burn your eyes--and it can damage your pool liner. Test your chemicals regularly to ensure they are always in balance.


Maintain Water Levels

As anyone who passed 4th-grade science knows, water evaporates. And as any pool owner knows, swimmers will splash water out of the pool every time they get in, even if it is only a small amount. This all adds up over time, and you may find your water levels in your pool slowly diminishing. You should always keep an eye on your pool water and try to keep it at the same level at all times. Drastic fluctuations in water levels can cause your pool liner to warp in unexpected ways and may shorten its lifespan.


Never Drain Completely

Occasionally, you may be required to drain your pool for cleaning or to repair a tear in the liner. However, you should never completely drain your pool; always leave about a foot of water in the bottom. Draining your pool completely removes pressure that helps to keep the liner in its proper shape. If this is removed, the liner may shrink or warp.


Patch Tears Quickly

Speaking of repairing tears in the pool liner, you should always do this as quickly as possible. Your pool supply store should carry a special patching glue so that you can repair your liner without having to drain the pool. Not only does this help to protect your pool liner from potential warping, but it spares you the cost of having to refill your pool after the patching is done.


Clean It Properly

Body oils and other natural impurities can leave a "bathtub ring" on your line, so it will require occasional cleaning. When you clean your pool liner, make sure you use a cleaner specially formulated for the task. You can find these at pool supply stores in your area. Using improper cleaning chemicals may cause your liner to deteriorate much more quickly than it should. Additionally, don't use any abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool or scouring pads to scrub the liner, as this can damage it quite quickly. 


If you follow these tips and give it the proper care, your pool liner should last you for many years to come. When it is finally time to replace it, visit our store to purchase a new pool liner in Minneapolis, MN. We can provide more tips on how to keep your liner in great shape.

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