After using pools in Minneapolis, MN, throughout the summer, it's time to take the necessary steps to prepare them for the cooler months of the year. More likely than not, homeowners won't be spending much time in their pools during the winter. Therefore, we recommend taking the following steps.


Clean It Out

Get out the cleaning equipment and get to work. Wash the floor, sides, steps, and handrails. Then, continue to do this throughout the winter to prevent bacteria and algae buildup. Of course, it won't need to be cleaned as frequently as during the summer. It might even be helpful to get a robotic cleaner to help deep clean the pool.  


Adjust the Pool Pump

During the summer, the pool pump should be on for about 12 hours every day. During the winter, it doesn't have to be on as long. Adjust the pool pump so it's only on for about 4-6 hours every day instead.  


Test Water Chemistry

Throughout the summer, it's important to check the chemistry and make any necessary adjustments. If the pH level is between 7 and 7.5, chemicals will need to be added to bring the levels closer to 10. Of course, the chlorine levels are important. Chlorine is closely tied to the pH and alkaline levels in the pool. When all the levels are in a good place, the water will have an easier time staying clean.


Check the Water Level

Empty the pool ever so slightly. If the pool is completely empty throughout the winter, it will be more likely to crack during the winter cold. The water level should be about 5 inches lower than normal. This will also provide space for more water from rain and snow during the winter.


Add Floating Objects

Try leaving something floating in the water. There are special products that we sell that you can use. Leaving a floating object in the pool during winter can help prevent ice from forming. When ice forms in the water, it could cause the pool to crack. The floating object will end up protecting your pool from incurring any cracks.


Store Equipment

Clean up the pool deck. Any equipment that is out should be put away for the following summer. Find a place to safely store it, so it won't rust or get damaged throughout the winter.


Purchase a Cover

A cover can be a great addition to a pool to prevent debris and other things getting into it. We sell winter covers for above ground or in-ground swimming pools. Check out the size options that we have to cover your pool.


Prepare the Plumbing

It's important to blow out sprinklers in order to prevent the tubes from freezing over and bursting in the winter. The pipes by your pool should also be protected from a similar fate. Have a professional come out to prepare your plumbing for winter and blow out the pipes to remove excess water that could freeze and cause the pipes to burst.


We are happy to help provide any products or services that are needed forpools in Minneapolis, MN, in terms of preparing them for winter. Contact us today to learn about how we can help.

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