Many people who stop by our spa and pool store in Minneapolis, MN, come looking for answers. They want to know what they can do to keep their pool clean and clear throughout the year. Here are 8 steps that we tell them they should follow to keep their pool clean.



Check the Chemistry

We recommend checking the chemistry 2 to 3 times every week during the warmer months of the year and once a week during the colder months. Add the chemicals needed to keep the pH levels balanced. It's also important to check the chlorine levels. Add more as needed. It might be surprising to learn that the chlorine won't be as effective without balance chemistry. Make sure that all levels are where they should be.


Clean Baskets

The skimmer baskets should be cleaned once a week. The hair and lint pot should be cleaned every couple of months, too.


Adjust the Water Level

The water level is important in keeping your water clean. It should be to the center of the tile or skimmer. Take the time to check this out once a month. Then, make the necessary adjustments to get the water level where it should be.


Clean Filters

The filter should be cleaned once every 4 to 6 months. As a way to help you remember to clean the filter, we recommend cleaning it after one's biannual dentist checkup. It would also be beneficial to check it after a heavy storm and clean it as needed. To clean the filter, soak it in a solution with 10% muriatic acid or TSP. Make sure to add the acid to the water, not the water to the acid. Wear goggles and gloves.


Wipe the Tile Line

Get a brush that can be used to wipe the tile line. It should be one made specifically for pools so it won't scratch the tile. This should be done about once a week in order to prevent a buildup from forming.


Don't Feed the Algae

Algae are one of the biggest issues when it comes to pool cleanliness. One of the best ways to prevent algae growth is not to feed it. Algae feed off things like vegetation, animal feces, fertilizers, ironite, bird droppings, people feces, and similar things.


Skim the Pool

Get out the skimmer to clean the pool on a regular basis. The skimmer can remove debris, insects, rodents, and other items that fall into your pool. This could be done several times every week, especially when there have been storms.


Use a Cover

Consider purchasing a cover to protect the pool when it's not in use. A cover can be used to prevent debris from falling into the pool. Covers can pose safety risks to children and pets, so make sure to keep the gate locked when the pool is not in use.


In order to take care of a pool and keep it clean, it's important to have the right tools and chemicals on hand. Stop by ourspa and pool store in Minneapolis, MN,to locate the products needed to clean pools and keep them looking their best.

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