At The Pool Store Inc., we see people buy spas for a variety of reasons. Some people purchase a home spa to enjoy moments of luxury, relax at the end of a long day, or just to feel better. However, there are a lot of health benefits to owning a spa. Here are the top 5 benefits of buying a spa from a spa and pool store and soaking in it each night.


Better Sleep

The health benefits of getting adequate sleep are obvious. You will have less stress, improved memory function, and a generally better quality of life. Studies suggest that soaking in hot water before going to bed at night can help you fall asleep and have a more relaxed sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, your body will ease into sleep easier with a drop in body temperature. Soaking in a hot tub about 90 minutes before bedtime can do wonders for your night’s sleep and ultimately your life.



It is common knowledge that diet and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Although a spa can’t help with the diet part of that equation, there are many benefits to soaking in a hot tub in that it simulates exercise. Like exercise, hot tubs will quicken your heart rate without increasing your blood pressure. On the contrary, people who regularly soak in hot tubs typically experience a lower blood pressure. Sitting in hot tubs will give you many of the health benefits of exercise with considerably less stress to your heart.


Alleviate Pain

Heat is one element that can reduce the symptoms and alleviate pain associated with many different conditions. While soaking in a hot tub every day may not cure you of pain disorders indefinitely, it can significantly alleviate chronic pain to provide some relief. Muscle inflammation, arthritis, and general joint pain are some of the health conditions that can be alleviated or reduced significantly by a warm soak in some hot water.



If you experience the symptoms of a chronic pain condition or have chronic pain related to an injury, a medical professional might recommend massage as a good way to alleviate your pain. Hiring a massage therapist to work out the kinks can help you feel more comfortable, but another option you might consider is hydrotherapy. Smaller jets in a hot tub are designed to pinpoint problem areas when you are sitting in the tub. This can go a long way to soothe aching joints and muscles for maximum relief.


Stress Relief

Stress can cause a lot of problems in your life and in your health. Stress tends to increase a blood pressure and inhibit proper circulation. Sitting in a hot tub counteracts both of these symptoms while offering many other health benefits. The addition of aromatherapy can significantly increase the health benefits and relaxation of sitting in your hot tub.


If you are having problems with muscle inflammation, high blood pressure, or have other health problems that you find you are unable to resolve, talk to a medical professional about whether hot tub therapy might a solution. Look for your hot tub at a spa and pool store in West St. Paul, MN, for optimum health benefits.