We know that with spring just around the corner, a lot of people have started looking at their outdoor spaces and wondering how they can spruce them up for the parties and cookouts that will soon be on the calendar. One of the spaces that a lot of people want to maximize is the patio. This little slab of concrete is usually the base of operations for summer festivities.

Whether the event is no more than an outdoor family dinner or involves the whole neighborhood, a beautiful patio with comfortable patio furniture in Blaine, MN,will be an enormous asset in hosting successful events!


Light It Up

One of the most important things we think someone can do for their patio is to light it up. Nothing adds magic and sparkle to a space like fun or romantic lighting. One of the most popular ways to light a patio is with holiday lights. These lights are easy to wrap around many different design elements that are often on a patio such as trees, pillars, and overhangs. Another great option is candles. By using candles of all different shapes and sizes, patios get a sparkle all their own. For the truly fun and adventurous, however, we also recommend using Chinese lanterns as a lighting source. These beautiful little orbs can turn an otherwise boring space into something anyone can fall in love with. 


Seek out Shelter

When people have the room, we always suggest putting up some kind of shelter on the patio. Whether someone opts for a gazebo or a pergola, this element is extremely important for patios that lack any kind of natural shade. Without shade, it is hard to have a good time outdoors during the day. By adding some kind of shelter, the patio becomes much more versatile and, depending on the type of shelter, it may increase privacy and decrease bugs!


Floor Your Guests

One thing that many people forget about is the patio floor. In most homes, patios generally consist of a large cement slab. As far as design goes, it really doesn't get too much worse than that. Covering that ugly gray slab will make the space pop and make it look new and exciting! While neutral is definitely a safe way to go, a pop of color can change the entire feeling of the space and open up a chance to go from ho-hum to chic. A word of advice: Be sure to choose a rug that will not mildew or rot when it gets wet.

Protect Your Borders

Another thing we recommend is creating a barrier between the patio and the yard. Flowers and plants are certainly a beautiful way to demarcate this special space. Other ideas include landscaping lights, landscaping timbers, or a low fence. By creating a barrier between the patio and the rest of the yard, it is possible to keep the excitement going on out there from intruding on the peace and quiet inside the patio borders. For those who want a little "wow" factor, we often recommend creating an entrance to the patio with something like an arbor or gate. 


The Sweet Seats

Of course, few elements are as important to a patio as great patio furniture. Patio furniture not only offers people a place to sit and relax, it also sets the tone for the entire space. Wrought iron furniture is perfect for creating a slightly Victorian or shabby chic look, while reclaimed wood can give it a rustic feel.